One voice

We were thrilled to take part in the One Voice celebration at the Bridgewater Hall yesterday.  All the children from year 5 who attended did a fabulous job.  We were particularly proud of Huma and Husna who shared a Muslim prayer.  

Iron Man by Ted Hughes

We have been reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  On World Book Day we wrote narrative poems.  We used the DADWAVERS app to structure our sentences.  We are very proud of our finished work and would like you to read it.

The model sentences are broken down into 8 sections:
-Estimation of time
-Rhetorical Questions
-Simile or Metaphors
DADWAVERS – helps us remember these.

IRON MAN 2 Iron Man 3 Iron man 4 Iron Man 5 Iron Man 6 Iron Man 7 Iron Man 8 Iron man 9 Iron man 10 Iron man 11 IRON MAN HUMA AND HUSNA Iron Man The Iron Man

Aiming High

During PSHE week we thought about our hopes, dreams and ambitions for the coming year.  We made models of ourselves and here we are with our flags telling what we are aiming to achieve in Year 5.

We have made a great start to the challenges of being in Upper Keystage 2.


Year 6 preparing party food for their Leavers’ Prom

Year 6 worked with the ‘Food in Schools’ company this week to prepare a feast for their Leavers’ Assembly. Since they had been studying all things European they decided to make Italian individual pizzas and then some delicious biscuits with the European country they have been studying carefully iced on the top! They learnt lots of skills along the way and finished with 2 delicious treats.

cookery 1 cookery 4 cookery 9 cookery 10 cookery 13 cookery 20 cookery 23 cookery 24


The start of ‘Keeping ourselves safe week’

Year 6 have been learning about the dangers of swimming in open waters, such as reservoirs, lakes and rivers. They  then presented the information in a choice of formats. They will be sharing their work with the high school that they will be attending in September.

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Laiba and Imaan’s warning Bryn and Toby’s Warning

Bryn and Toby’s Warning

Laiba and Imaan’s warning

Dragons Den: Success for Y6 and Y1

Anyone who came to Cale Green’s Summer Fair could not have missed our Dragon’s Den project: ‘Bags of Fun’. For £3.50 or £4.50 customers could get a wide range of goods, not forgetting those last minute presents for Father’s Day!

We were tasked with growing a business and were given £400 to support our project. By the end of the Summer Fair we had made a profit on what we’d spent! 16-06-2016 140741 18-06-2016 105516 18-06-2016 105518 18-06-2016 105523 18-06-2016 105525 18-06-2016 111347