Year 6 preparing party food for their Leavers’ Prom

Year 6 worked with the ‘Food in Schools’ company this week to prepare a feast for their Leavers’ Assembly. Since they had been studying all things European they decided to make Italian individual pizzas and then some delicious biscuits with the European country they have been studying carefully iced on the top! They learnt lots of skills along the way and finished with 2 delicious treats.

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The start of ‘Keeping ourselves safe week’

Year 6 have been learning about the dangers of swimming in open waters, such as reservoirs, lakes and rivers. They  then presented the information in a choice of formats. They will be sharing their work with the high school that they will be attending in September.

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Laiba and Imaan’s warning Bryn and Toby’s Warning

Bryn and Toby’s Warning

Laiba and Imaan’s warning

Dragons Den: Success for Y6 and Y1

Anyone who came to Cale Green’s Summer Fair could not have missed our Dragon’s Den project: ‘Bags of Fun’. For £3.50 or £4.50 customers could get a wide range of goods, not forgetting those last minute presents for Father’s Day!

We were tasked with growing a business and were given £400 to support our project. By the end of the Summer Fair we had made a profit on what we’d spent! 16-06-2016 140741 18-06-2016 105516 18-06-2016 105518 18-06-2016 105523 18-06-2016 105525 18-06-2016 111347

Would you buy a used phone from this man?

We have been learning to persuade.  What do you think?

The Radio 2 500 Word Story Competition

We have been working hard to write stories to submit to the Chris Evan’s show on Radio 2 for this annual competition.  At Cale Green, Year 4 have not entered before, so it has been challenging.  Here are a selection of stories that have been submitted.  I hope to add a few more by the end of the week – some children just need to add a few words to reach the 500 required.

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Julia’s 500 Word Story

One freezing cold winter’s night a girl called Susie woke up at 1:00 am in the morning. She wanted to go out of the house to the sparkly river outside because she wanted to meet a friend. Everyone was asleep after a hard day at work. However, her dad was awake making a delicious breakfast to go to work. Susie didn’t want him to see her although there was also the dog that she had to sneak past. The dog would bark when someone would come near the door.

A few moments later, Susie got out of house safely by giving the dog a treat. Susie then later arrived at the sparkly river. Susie didn’t know what the river was called. It was a mystery although one man in the world knew what it was called and it was like that because it was against the law for people to know the name. On the river there were brown and black ducks, dragon flies and a few boats.

Whilst she was walking in a forest next to the river she remembered what she was there for. Susie was there waiting for goblins.

A few hours later Susie was getting sleepy and yawned so she climbed in one of the boats and fell asleep.

Minutes later Susie woke and she saw shadows moving and bushes swishing and swooshing. The boat started wobbling like crazy. Susie panicked because she knew that something was going to happen. She saw red eyes flashing in the bushes. She started praying not to die. Susie then stood up slowly and quietly so nobody would hear. The flashing eyes didn’t stop. Susie stayed silent. Susie became more scared because the bushes and shadows were moving faster and faster.  She made a quite scream “Arghh!” but nothing answered.  Susie tried again but a bit louder. Although she screamed still nothing answered. She decided to get out of the boat onto the grass.  As the moon was in the middle of the sky when she fell asleep, she thought the night would nearly be over, but she was wrong. When she woke up nothing had changed. She then heard a noise of a wolf howling loudly and noisily.

After a few minutes the red flashing eyes came back. She stood up slowly and started walking. Although she was pretty scared she kept on walking until there was a bush stopping her going to the end of the forest. It was a long way but Susie didn’t know where else to go. She started running really quickly and then a tree fell down because it was on the edge of a hill – it blocked her path.  Susie stopped. She looked back but then she kept on running until she landed at an odd looking street.  Susie knew where she was.  She was almost at home.

However, the red eyes didn’t stop flashing until she got home.

The next morning she told her mum but she didn’t believe her.

Joshua B’s 500 Word Story

One cold day Sam was in school as usual and he accidently got left in his class room. When he was almost out he got locked in by the careless caretaker. Suddenly he had an idea. He got a paperclip off the desk and unlocked the door.

When Sam got out he searched everywhere. Nobody was there.  So Sam tried the doors.  He couldn’t open them.  The windows were locked too.  Then he heard a loud, long growl and a man whispering.

‘SMASH!’ The windows flung open.  Quickly Sam ran to the mazy cellar, rushed inside and locked the door.  He ran through it.  A moment later wild dogs came scrambling in…

As he was running he tripped over something. It was a scroll. He picked it up.  It said ‘Push the eye of the skull.’ Sam got confused so he walked around the maze.  Suddenly he found a skull in the floor.  He stood on it and watched the walls move and a pile of bones appeared.   Sam didn’t know what to do.  Then one of the dogs came in and jumped on him.  Sam quickly grabbed a bone and threw it at the dog’s mouth.  He shouted “Get off me!” and suddenly the dog released him! Sam shouted “Sit!” and the dog did! Sam thought he could have his own dog and named him Rex.

Sam was still afraid of the nasty dogs so he and Rex went to hide in the maze then they fell asleep.

Sam dreamed of the dogs catching him. Suddenly Sam woke up he could hear the dogs two tunnels away suddenly something shot past him it seemed like light speed Sam got so scared he kicked one away and ran to the door and rex followed and so did the bad dogs when he jumped out of the smashed window and Rex followed him before Rex followed him he got caught by one of the dogs and Rex got  pulled in …

One minute later Sam got pulled in to when he got to the centre of the school he saw Rex in his class room “how did he get in there he wondered”?! Suddenly Sam saw a tall figure then it grabbed him and threw him in the class room it seemed like a prison and he was the prisoner! When he turned round he heard something it was Rex suddenly Sam got an idea he went into a cubed and found a really heavy rock he had been learning about rocks in science he measured them he looked for them and stuck them in his rock collection and this was the heaviest then he went to the window threw the rock at it the window smashed it into lots of pieces so Rex and Sam ran all the way home.

Ten minutes later the dog catchers and the police came. And the mysterious man and all of the nine evil dogs got sent to the dirty prison.