Library visit

You are never too young to enjoy a good book, so with this in mind, and as it’s ‘Libraries Week’ the youngest members of our school visited our school library for the first time today. Mrs Adie’s Nursery class chose books to look at and share with their friends, and then they all listened to the story, “Supertato”. It was really exciting to venture into “big school” and we hope to do so again very soon! Why not take a trip to your local library with your child this weekend?

One voice

We were thrilled to take part in the One Voice celebration at the Bridgewater Hall yesterday.  All the children from year 5 who attended did a fabulous job.  We were particularly proud of Huma and Husna who shared a Muslim prayer.  

Iron Man by Ted Hughes

We have been reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  On World Book Day we wrote narrative poems.  We used the DADWAVERS app to structure our sentences.  We are very proud of our finished work and would like you to read it.

The model sentences are broken down into 8 sections:
-Estimation of time
-Rhetorical Questions
-Simile or Metaphors
DADWAVERS – helps us remember these.

IRON MAN 2 Iron Man 3 Iron man 4 Iron Man 5 Iron Man 6 Iron Man 7 Iron Man 8 Iron man 9 Iron man 10 Iron man 11 IRON MAN HUMA AND HUSNA Iron Man The Iron Man